Why Cheverly Maryland?

Moving to the Washington area? Consider Cheverly, Maryland!
(This page was copied from the Town of Cheverly website.)

Cheverly is a Great Community

Experience small-town community living in a big city suburb. Neighbors know, befriend, and help each other. When someone loses a cat, people keep their eyes out. Pothole outside your house? Call the head of Public Works. Need recommendations for roofers, babysitters, restaurants, pet care, and more? Join one of our active community listservs. Participate in our annual Cheverly Day festivities, including our own exciting fireworks. Dress up in your finest for the annual Town Prom. See your local government in action. Attend our old-fashioned Town meetings where civility reigns and issues receive thoughtful consideration. Get to know your elected mayor and council members. There are many great reasons to discover Cheverly!

Fabulous Location

Capitol Hill and Washington’s major federal and commercial offices are only a 15 minute ride from Cheverly’s own Metro station. It’s 25 minutes by car via Route 50. The Washington Nationals are just a few Metro stops away at the Navy Yard station. The Baltimore Orioles are 40 minutes north and the Redskins are just three miles away to the east. And just 25 minutes to the east are Annapolis and the beautiful Chesapeake Bay.
Solid Affordable Living

Cheverly is well known for it’s very affordable, high quality, small-town living. This close-knit, active community has its own Metro stop and all of the advantages of a friendly small town. Cheverly’s one and one-half square mile area is almost entirely residential. The heavily treed neighborhoods consist of mostly single-family, two-story dwellings, appealing to a variety of architectural tastes. Homes generally date from the 1920s to the 1990s. Cheverly was recently described by The Washington Post as a “pastoral community of largely professional people” where one can “find not only great buys but also a busy, unpretentious community.” Read another view from The Washington Post here.

Our homes are among the most affordable in the Washington metropolitan area. Because of Cheverly’s location and quality of life, its houses have great resale value, too. Many homes are bought by folks who grew up in town. Despite its excellent services and amenities, Cheverly has one of the lowest property tax rates in the area. This is a winning combination when coupled with one of the lowest crime rates in the area.

Excellent Schools

Cheverly has its own public and private elementary schools: Gladys Noon Spellman, Judith P. Hoyer, and St. Ambrose Roman Catholic.

Nearby Bladensburg High School was reconstructed from the ground up and opened its doors in the Fall of 2005. It is a state-of-the-art facility for Cheverly High School students. Some Cheverly high school students may choose to attend Eleanor Roosevelt High School for their science and tech program, which is among the best in the nation, while others may select nearby parochial or other high school programs.

Visit our Schools page to learn more about elementary and nursery school programs in Cheverly.

Excellent Recreational Opportunities

Cheverly boasts a wide variety of recreational outlets for young and old alike. The private Cheverly Swim & Racquet Club is one of the best private pools around and has some of the best clay and composition tennis courts in the entire Washington area. Prince George’s County Sports & Learning Complex, adjacent to the Washington Redskins Stadium, is only three miles away.

For adults in the community, civic groups, as well as numerous book and potluck groups, make for an active social life. Families with children also take advantage of the town’s many community sports, theatrical, play and social groups. Visit our Community Organizations page to learn more about civic activities in Cheverly.

The Cheverly Community Market provides a place for friends and neighbors to get together during their season.

There are a number of parks in town, with activities for everyone — from playground equipment for children to exercise equipment. Cheverly has an active population of fitness enthusiasts, from cyclists to walkers to joggers. Town Park has a fantastic jogging track for running fans that want a break from the hills in town, and Gast Park has strength training equipment to keep our residents fit and healthy!